“The Expanse Between” is HERE

Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel, The Expanse Between, about a social recluse who watches, manipulates and novelizes his unsuspecting neighbor’s life, is now available for purchase from IndieBound, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Order from IndieBound.

Order from Barnes & Noble.

Order from Amazon.

The Expanse Between is already being called “a serious American novel,” (Robert James Russell, author Mesilla) and “a thrilling meta-tale of obsession, drive and betrayal” (Sara Rauch, editor Cactus Heart Press). Ask for it wherever books are sold.

One thought on ““The Expanse Between” is HERE

  1. Jackie Grauberger says:

    Mr. Krecklow: Had to let you know how much our book club at the Village at Manor Park appreciated your visit. Everyone we talked to said that it was the best meeting we’ve had. You were so personable and answered all of our questions so well. We look forward to your next book. Thanks much!


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