site-masthead-logo@2xA sit down with Erik S. Hanley of South Now resulted in this article about The Expanse Between, transitioning from film to literature, the craft of short fiction, and different paths to publication.

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images (1)A conversation with one of the best, most professional literary journals around, Midwestern Gothic. Topics include The Expanse Between, the influence of region, and ego.

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Podcast interview with Nina Loard and Timmy Fenning, hosts of Writistry. Topics include The Expanse Between, raccoon slaying, breakfast-wine, and who might win in a Hemingway vs. Faulkner death match. You can listen to the interview from their website, or download Episode 8 of the podcast from iTunes.


An interview by Nancy Christie, founder of Celebrate Short Fiction Day and host of the Focus on Fiction blog. The interview was part of her “Short Takes: Interviews with Short Story Writers” series.

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