“Krecklow has written a story that becomes more timely every day as we grow more and more connected to one another without looking at each other.

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“Krecklow’s story has this very good sideways approach to discussing morality. Just because a writer CAN tell a story, SHOULD it be told?”

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“The Expanse Between manages to bridge the gap between the moving, gorgeous prose great literary fiction offers and the fast-paced, edgy excitement that thrillers are known for.”

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“Voyeurism as inspiration is the engine powering Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel … Krecklow is especially good at describing emotional states as they arise from failed love and crumbled marriages.”

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“We assume there is always some kind of push-pull between the reader and those we are reading about, and that a story such as this, which is comprised of damaged parents, violence, the frustration of work that doesn’t work, and desperate artists yearning for inspiration can’t help but pull us in.”

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“This impressive debut novel from Wisconsinite Lee L. Krecklow raises interesting questions about storytelling and privacy rights … a nifty bit of metafiction, questioning the relationship between fiction and reality.”

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